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Aquaponic farming is cheaper, more efficient, and safer than traditional farming. Blooming Health Farms uses the Flourish Farm model locally designed and produced. It is a cost-effective, modular system that can be “decoupled” in the event of contamination. The modular nature of the Flourish Farm system allows Blooming Health Farms to expand quickly and easily without a full system overhaul. We have calculated precise ratios of fish, plants, and labor to maximize productivity and minimize unnecessary costs. We expect to be profitable within one year of startup given conservative production and normal market conditions. Blooming Health Farms products will be USDA certified organic and will adhere to the highest quality standards available.

Safety & Risk Mitigation

Decoupling is a process that allows the fish system to be temporarily disconnected from the plant system to prevent the spread of toxins, disease, pests, and other detrimental contaminants. This means that Blooming Health Farms is at considerably lower risk of crop and livestock loss and has better quality control than other aquaponics operations. Blooming Health Farms employs state of the art food safety practices developed by USDA safety and inspection experts.

Market & Sales

Blooming Health Farms organic produce is marketed to Asian restaurants. The expense of importing native Asian vegetables not available in the United States can be prohibitive for restaurants, who then must rely on vegetables native to the US. This changes the flavor profiles and textures of traditional Asian dishes. Because Blooming Health Farms will produce largely indoors, we are able to grow these rare and high-demand vegetables for bulk sale to a targeted market. As Blooming Health Farm expands in Northern Colorado, we will sell standard household vegetables at local and in-house farmers’ markets. Large-scale distribution to big box stores such as King Soopers, Sam’s Club, and Whole Foods will supplement the aforementioned market segments.

No one in Northern Colorado is successfully operating an aquaponics farm and it is high time that our agricultural community take advantage of this innovative and effective form of crop production. There are several successful aquaponic operations in Denver and the surrounding area, but none with a mission to rehabilitate at-risk youth, feed hungry families, and build economic security in our community. Lead the charge with us by donating today.

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