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Aquaponic farming is cheaper, more efficient, and safer than traditional farming. Blooming Health Farms uses a hybridized Flourish Farm model that is locally designed and produced. It is a cost-effective, modular system. The modular nature of the Flourish Farm system allows Blooming Health Farms to expand quickly and easily without a full system overhaul. We have calculated precise ratios of fish, plants, and labor to maximize productivity and minimize unnecessary costs. Blooming Health Farms undertakes fundraising efforts to engage with the community, teach philanthropic principles and fund special projects that fall outside the scope of certain grants.


Tiers of sponsorship

Benefits and Perks

Sprout Sponsor ($250 donation)

Formal thank you letter, hand signed  on letterhead. 

Recognition on website and special message on social media (if desired).

Sapling Sponsor ($500 donation)

All perks from lower level

Name tag on Farm’s Donor Plaque

Juniper Sponsor ($1000 donation)

All perks from lower levels

Fish naming rights, ie this cohort of fish brought to you with support from…

Inclusion on printed marketing materials

Cedar Sponsor ($5000 donation)

Above + equipment “naming rights”, ie this pump/software/rack provided by…

Redwood Sponsor ($10,000 donation)

Above + Room “naming rights”

Forest Sponsor ($25,000 donation)

Above + at-risk youth cohort “naming rights”

Gaia Sponsor ($100,000 donation)

Above + Facility naming rights


Current Fundraising Efforts

1. ‘Alpha Site’ Lighting – ~ $400
The ‘Alpha Sit’ is our Experiential Learning site that used to pilot educational and training programs, teach aquaponic principles, and conduct hands-on “agricultural” therapy. The site needs more lights to grow more plants. We are using a Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) plant light from Home Depot that costs ~$400.00 USD per from tier. We are in need of 1 more tier!

2. OpenSource Water Quality Monitoring System ~$200
Water quality is monitored by high-tech equipment that is quite expensive. We want to have the at-risk youth pursue a project to build a water quality monitoring system using open source information. This project will allow us to replace current systems more cost-effectively, ultimately saving farmers more and time.

3. Dedicated Desktop Computer ~$500
‘Alpha Site’ lacks computer access for public use. Participants currently have to use personal equipment when working at the learning site. A dedicated desktop computer would empower the youth to do clerical tasks using a keyboard and external mouse while on site.

4. Fish Breeding Supplies ~$TBD
We have youth interested in fish breeding and cultivation of catfish. 

5. Uniforms ~$TBD
We currently wear aprons for farm workers. We would like to create our own flair and use lab coats for visitors and use participant/donor inspired T-shirts as uniform for events and venues.

6. General Site Improvement Fund 
We are continuously grateful for funds that allow for unforeseen purchases. 


Market & Sales

Blooming Health Farms organic produce is marketed to local restaurants and farmers markets. The expense of sourcing local produce can be prohibitive for restaurants, who then must rely on the seasonality of vegetables grown in Colorado. This changes the flavor profiles and textures of traditional Asian dishes. Because Blooming Health Farms produces largely indoors, we are able to grow these rare and high-demand vegetables for sale to a targeted market. As Blooming Health Farm expands in Northern Colorado, we will sell to big box stores such as King Soopers, Sam’s Club, and Whole Foods will supplement the aforementioned market segments.

No one in Northern Colorado is successfully operating an aquaponics farm and it is high time that our agricultural community take advantage of this innovative and effective form of crop production. There are several successful aquaponic operations in Denver and the surrounding area, but none with a mission to rehabilitate at-risk youth, feed hungry families, and build economic security in our community. Lead the charge with us by donating today.

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